“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”  - Bill Mollison
LEARN how to design an abundant life!

Giggling Chi Tree offers an array of dynamic Permaculture education ranging from 1 hr seminars to 91 hour certificate courses on the Sunshine Coast, Greater Vancouver Area, Calgary and across the globe. Please see below for the latest course offerings.

Kym Chi also offers support in helping individuals and organizations with curriculum and program development with a focus on creative facilitation. Please email for more information.

To learn more about Kym Chi's experience, please read her biography.

One Day Classes

Permaculture Design Certification Courses

Kym Chi offers a variety of accessible and low cost Permaculture Design Courses (PDC's) Co - taught on the Sunshine Coast, Greater Vancouver Area and Burnaby.  She also teaches courses in Southern Alberta.  

The Permaculture Design Courses are a minimum of 72 hours of in class time that include site tours, discussions, learning games, Design Charettes, media and more. Course projects include  questions, journalling and a  mapping and design for a project of your choice.  Digital worksheets are provided for supplemental take home information to in class learnings.   Certificates issued are from the Permaculture Institute. 

Please click on the images below for details on our different offerings.  To see the full Course Syllabus and Class Outcomes,  click here.

Kym Chi is open to travelling to teach, please contact if you are interested in hosting a course taught by her in your area.

All proceeds from PDC's go towards basic course costs and supporting the development of Permaculture Education.

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“If you feel any inclination to take this course, i encourage you to do it.  Do it now.  Kym and Delvin have the ability to meet you where you are and guide you with active and inspirational instruction. Harness the information and apply it personally to your business and to your garden no matter the size. Start now.”  - Craig H.

“By the law of attraction , i entered the Permaculture Design Certificate Program.  I am very grateful for Delvin and Kym on this journey, both are very professional and responsible”.  - Jenny Smith

“An inspirational journey of an Introduction to Permaculture, wetting the palette to want to dive deeper. Great foundation for self growth and tools to engage community, influence work and relationships”. -Sybrena Albright

“The course is a refreshing break from everyday life.  A chance to reflect and inspired about how we can be better.” - Karen Cameron

“I really like this course and how Delvin, Kym and my classmates were greatly responsive of my needs as a differently abled person.  I am going to carry what i have learned in this course throughout my life.” -  Myah Catherine

“I am constantly amazed at how much i have learned about everything. I feel I should have already known how it changed my perspective on my gardens, my life, family, nature, the world… I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to open their mind to a beautiful concept or simply broaden their knowledge of what our future will be made of, at least i hope. I do love how it is easy to weave into our own personal busy lives over 4 seasons of observation. It allows us the time to evolve, change, learn, try, fail, succeed and repeat.  Thank you for sharing your love, passion and knowledge of something i had never heard of and will never forget. ”              - Marie-Eve B.

“Your teaching has changed the way I observe the world. Observing with curiosity rather than judgement. I recommend this course again and again beacuase of the multi faceted teaching style and the dynamic changing venues and continual student involvement and gentle challenges.” - Maureen Witney

“I would recommend this course to any friend interested and committed to leaving this world a better place.”    - Sally Holden

"Gaiacraft are an amazing, talented and an incredibly honouring and delightful group of people. Our world is safe and more alive and caring in their hands, thanks to their presence, creativity and commitment." - Robin Clayfield

"The instructors, Delvin and Kym, provide an excellent introduction to the ethics, principles, and techniques of Permaculture. The instruction is more than I could have hoped for.  Between the curriculum, and personal experiences of the instructors, the course offers a brilliant education and a profound experience." - Steven Funk

"Three years of University and a debt I'm still paying off today and I learnt more about the real world on this course than during that whole time. The majority of my posts, blogs and pub rants have been influenced by this philosophy. If you are interested in the natural world, sustainability, healthy living or just think the current way we do things in society is a little strange I'd recommend checking out Permaculture in some way or another" - Josh Davis 

"Continuing education in permaculture studies, with the amazing teachers Devlin Solkinson and Kym Chi in Vancouver BC. I'm deeply inspired by the course that I'm in with them now, and highly recommend this to anyone interested in next level Earth stewardship gardening." - Bob McGruff 

“This program was fantastic!  Delvin and Kym created a welcoming learning environment , encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and enabled me to grasp and learn the Permaculture ethics and principles in a way that was conducive to my learning style. I’ve left this program with the confidence and knowledge to further pursue my education and career in Permaculture. I have and will continue to recommend this program to others who are interested in Permaculture and look forward to the opportunity to learn with Delvin and Kym again.”  Matt Gravel @ Plant Buoy:LPP, Victoria , BC

"This course was a creative, interactive journey that covered a broad range of topics and experiences. From Medicine making to collective games, nature walks and potlucks, the course content is delivered in ways that meet all learning styles. A great experience overall. Thank you!"   - Danielle Gauthier

"This course was so well organized. You inspired me to alter my teaching methods to help keep everyone focussed, energized and thoughtful.  I really didnt want the process to end. I really enjoyed the field trips, physically visiting so many permaculture sites and the classroom environment at Langara was good also."       - Josephine Johnson

"I really enjoyed the open, generous atmosphere on learning days. The multi-faceted focus for each day having various activities which activated core principles or design elements worked really well. I enjoyed the balance between outside and inside time. Your love and commitment to Permaculture shines brightly!"  - Larry Popowich