"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."  - Buckminster Fuller
CREATE a regenerative system.

Giggling Chi Tree loves supporting communities, non profit organizations and solutionaries in creating ethical, long lasting and abundant systems that support the individual and the whole. We happily offer guidance on your Permaculture project with priority given to community driven projects.

Giggling Chi Tree can help you with :

  • Land based designs for communities and neighbourhoods.
  • Organizational Structures Design including governance, programming, strategic planning and community development.
  • Curriculum and program development for organizations, businesses and schools.

It is always recommended to consider taking a Permaculture Design Certificate Course to best support you in your project needs, but if you are looking for additional support on a new or existing project, we are happy to help!  If you are considering moving forward to get a Permaculture Design, a consultation is also the best place to start.

Kym Chi, the principal designer for Giggling Chi Tree comes with a wealth of experience on community development.  To learn more about her experience, please see her CV.


Consultations include:

  • a pre - visit questionnaire
  • site visit
  • consultation report

Consultations start at $200 for an average residential lot. Cost will vary depending on the project. Please contact for a quote.

Giggling Chi Tree believes in the strength of collaboration with the community, if Kym Chi feels she is not the right consultant for you, she will happily direct you to another Permaculture Consultant who will best suit your needs.


Kym Chi will support you to install a completed Permaculture Design. She enjoys collaborating  with other skilled contractors to make your plan a reality.  It is preferred that Giggling Chi Tree completes the Permaculture Design if she will oversee the implementation.

Contact to discuss your project.

“Our goals as designers is to draw and design things that come into reality and make the world better." - Mark Lakeman