Advanced Permaculture

Advanced Permaculture Design Days

June 9 Sunshine Coast

July 21 Vancouver

Share in a unique experience learning about permaculture design with a guild of other permaculture practioners. Open to anyone who considers themselves part of the permaculture movement.

  • Advanced Permaculture Design Curriculum
  • Potluck
  • Design Charrette
  • Garden Tour
  •  Community Building
  • New Media and Video

Delvin Solkinson is community gardener dedicated to bringing creativity to the permaculture movement by creating free open source learning and teaching tools. He has completed a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison and has done more than 20 advanced courses and teacher trainings. An accredited teacher through PI, PA and PRI, currently doing a doctorate in permaculture education.

Kym Chi has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed a variety of teacher trainings and advanced trainings, has a diploma in Permaculture Education and studies plant medicine. She continues to take courses to grow her understanding of the natural world. Kym lives on the Sunshine Coast where she teaches Permaculture and runs a holistic healing practice.

Free for all participants

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All Seasons Advanced Permaculture Program

Permaculture design is a system of assembling conceptual, material and strategic components in a pattern which functions to benefit life in all its forms. 

– Bill Mollison

Ready to take the next step in your Permaculture Education?

Looking for ways to integrate Permaculture more deeply into your life?

Join a group of like minded people in an learning guild for a uniquely creative, flexible and accessible advanced design program.

  • Advanced Permaculture Curriculum
  • Mapping and Design Project
  • Community Green Map 
  • Teaching Practice
  • Design Charrettes
  • Medicine Making and Homesteading Skills
  • Garden, Farm and Forest visits
  • Potlucks and New Media

This program will support your ability to design, practice, consult and teach using the permaculture toolkit.  Empower yourself and build resilience in your own life through homesteading, medicine making and creating a basic emergency preparedness first aid kit with plant medicine and key survival items. Grow your understanding of Permaculture, share skills, resources and knowledge with a collective of creative individuals dedicated to living a conscious lifestyle.


Join us at locations in Vancouver and on the Sunshine Coast including Yarrow Ecovillage, Sharing Farm, A Rocha, UBC Farm, Brookbank Farm, Eden Forest, Rolling Earth and many more.


  • Beginning, or continuing to make, a permaculture map and design of your home, land, life, business or project of your choice including elements, plant and animal lists, as well as zone and sector analysis, on your own or along with family, friends or allies.
  • Beginning, or continuing to, apply your site design and document that work with photographs and small bits of text when you are inspired to on your own or along with family, friends or allies.
  • Beginning or continuing to make a permaculture map for of your neighbourhood, community or region as part of a relocalization and resilience assessment including a listing of conscious local goods and services that may benefit you, on your own or along with family, friends or allies.
  • Taking part in experiential learning activities including design charrettes, games, hands on projects and site tours.


Includes four books of participants choice on topics of : Permaculture Design, four season organic gardening, enthnobotany, medicine making, food preservation book, traditional land use practices, native plants, community design, social permaculture, transition, economics, governance or education.

The course also provides handouts, learning media and films.

No prerequisite required.


$777 Early Bird Registration completing payment before May 1

Contact to register.

Delvin Solkinson is community gardener and plant poet dedicated to bringing creativity to the permaculture movement by creating free open source learning and teaching tools. He has completed a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison and done advanced teacher trainings with Rosemary Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Patricia Michael, Robyn Francis, the Bullock Brothers, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Larry Santoyo, Scott Pittman, Michael Becker, Robin Wheeler, Starhawk, Looby Macnamara, Robina McCurdy and Robin Clayfield. He is an accredited teacher through the Permaculture Research Institute (Australia), Permaculture Association (UK) and a Field Mentor through the Permaculture Institute. Recently he completed a PDC in Portland with Toby Hemenway, one in Greece with Rosemary Morrow and a second Diploma through the Permaculture Institute. Currently he is doing graduate work under the mentorship of Larry Santoyo and Looby Macnamara.

Kym Chi is a dedicated advocate of earth stewardship, people care and regenerative action for future resilience. Her main efforts are as a creative facilitator, artist, healer, medicine woman and community builder. To date; Kym has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed multiple teacher trainings, taken a variety of advanced trainings and completed a Diploma in Permaculture Education. With a love of learning, she continues to take courses that grow her understanding of the natural world and is currently doing a second diploma with the UK Permaculture Association. Through her stewardship and deepened connection with the natural environment, Kym wishes to inspire creative self expression and value centred living to enrich and create healthy, abundant habitats and communities. With a focus on Social Permaculture,  Kym strives to empower others on their life path and focusses on ways to support organizations and communities to become more resilient.  She lives on the Sunshine Coast where she teaches and mentors in Permaculture and runs a holistic healing practice.


Delvin’s Advanced Permaculture All-Seasons 2.5 year course was a delightful cornupeia of blessings for me:  I made excellent connections with the creme-de-la-creme of local permaculture folks, as well as some of the top permaculture people in the world (Becker, Hemingway, Pitman, Santoyo).  The spacing allowed me to work deeply on my design projects with Delvin mentoring me monthly with just the right proportion of encouragement and challenge.

– Bruno Vernier, Permametrics

Delvin Solkinson is a profound mentor who, post PDC, has provided an incredible way to continue on the permaculture path while learning from and inspiring others in the local and international communities. His gentle guidance and consistently helpful monthly feedback continues to motivate my own progress as do all the visionaries in my class. Infinite gratitude for the continued opportunity to meet, mutually inspire and aspire with others on permaculture adventures! The advance course filled a gap that appeared when I finished my PDC by providing me with a container to document and share in my own journey while allowing me to continue learning from Delvin and other brilliant beings. buzzzzzzz…..

– Dana Wilson Mortal Coil Media

My investment in this program has been totally amazing and worthwhile and game changing!  I really appreciate that this program is accessible and flexible.  I also appreciate all the updates and reminders you give us every month to get inspired and give a little kick in the butt.

– Melissa Flint Garden Love Affair

The Advanced Permaculture course has guided me to stay on track with my permaculture learning path and has encouraged me to push my edges with projects and achieving my goals. Since starting the program, I have started to teach design courses, school programming and other courses and now I am co-facilitating the class. Connecting for in person meet ups seasonally has offered me an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by others. All of the documentation that I have been creating as part of the process has boosted my CV exponentially and allowed me opportunities on the path that i would have never dreamed. I highly recommend this program.

– Kym Chi