"Permaculture gives people a place to be part of the solution"
- Rosemary Morrow

Giggling Chi Tree exists to facilitate an interconnected, intergenerational relationship with nature that cultivates a deep respect for its patterns, processes and a recognition of its inherent teachings. We consciously consider and compassionately care for the earth, its people and future generations to come.

  • LEARN how to design an abundant life through courses and classes.
  • CREATE a regenerative system with consultation support.
  • EVOLVE into the next phase of your Permaculture practice with Mentorship.
  • UNITE  with the broader community through learning games and resources.

We believe that integration with the natural world supports a stronger connection to self and helps to create healthy, holistic and thriving lives and communities.

We all have the ability to create the world that our hearts know is possible, Giggling Chi Tree envisions the self empowered creation of diverse and thriving communities and environments through the sharing of the gifts we all have to give.

Imagine a more beautiful world, living together in harmony with nature and in cooperation with one another, freely sharing resources, food and education, creating collaborative working models, and collectively building systems that help regenerate planet. With you and others, this is what Giggling Chi Tree strives to accomplish through the offering of Permaculture education, consultation, design, mentorship and group facilitation.



Who is Giggling Chi Tree

                                      “Permaculture is not therapy, it is healing.” – Rosemary Morrow

This small enterprise is stewarded by Kym Chi. Her main passions are nature, education, community and creativity, which allows her to be a dedicated ecological designer, artist, healer, creative educator and community builder. With a focus on  repairing and re- designing of natural and human systems to become more resilient and regenerative, she offers Permaculture design, courses and classes, mentorship and consultation in Alberta, British Columbia and beyond.  She also works as Executive Director of One Straw Society, a Food Security organization on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Through her stewardship of a deepened connection with the natural environment, Kym wishes to inspire connection with nature and oneself that enriches lives on a personal and universal level and that helps to create healthy and abundant habitats and communities.

Please explore the site and contact Kym@gigglingchitree.com if you have any questions.

To learn more about Kym Chi, please read her biography and CV

Permaculture Beginnings

A short video about Kym Chi, the founder of Giggling Chi Tree that highlights the beginning of her Permaculture Journey after taking her first Permaculture Design Course with Verge Permaculture.