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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change somehting, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"

-Buckminster Fuller


July 17th - 20th

Click here for tickets to the public talk

and here for tickets to the 2 day workshop.

Join us for a Family Friendly workshop at ContainR in Sunnyside

July 20th  1pm - 4pm

More information about Mark and Placemaking can be found in these great articles!

Giggling Chi Tree's goal is to spread the art of Permaculture and holistic practice

in Calgary, Western Canada and beyond through the
 dynamic facilitation of

courses, creation of ecological systems,
 functional art and energy work.

We now live in a serious time, where positive action is necessary for our resiliency.

Although we have alot of work to do,
 we can become empowered to better the world,

our communities and ourselves one step at a time, while having fun!

Permaculture offers regenerative techniques that are simple, powerful, transferrable

and are used to overcome challenges while creating beautiful, energy efficient, natural,

holistic and ethical systems.

Giggling Chi Tree, strives for optimal health, growth and resiliency of the earth,

community, and individual through creativity, imagination,
and empowerment!


Meet Kym Chi

ounder of Giggling Chi Tree)

Being deeply inspired by and passionate about nature, art and energy, Permaculture is a perfect path for Kym Chi. 

This visionary describes Permaculture as a brain remapping that helps to look at the world through new eyes. She believes that it can help us to connect with our creative self expression through the recognition of beneficial relationships with the earth and all of its beings.  You can see this expressed through her designs, educational techniques, and art.

To date, Kym has completed a 2 PDC's through Verge and Gaiacraft, 2 teacher trainings with Larry Santoyo, Scott Pittman and Michael becker and is currently doing a Diploma in Education through the Permaculture Institute USA. Kym has also completed a diploma in Theatre Production majoring in Scenic Art and properties and has had opportunity to study with renowned artists Alex and Allyson Grey.

Dedicated to community involvement, Kym spends much of her time contributing to non profit organizations such as The AREA (, The PCG(, COSM ( and the Evolver network (

Currently, Kym offers Permaculture design, consultation, education, artistic services and healing work.

Want to learn more about Kym Chi? Please watch this video from Verge Permaculture, created by Light and Soul!

City Repair Calgary is excited to offer these
two great events in July!

Cracks in the Pavement

Placemaking and the remaking of a modern city

with Mark Lakeman

Thursday July 17th

7pm - 9m

We invite you and your friends to join us for an inspiring look at what is possible in the city of Calgary and
in your neighbourhood!

This inspiring talk is geared towards anyone from community builders, public service people, artists,
industry professionals, municipal government employees and activists.

Mark Lakeman is an inspired urban designer who, with his neighbours, transformed their own intersection
into a place for community gatherings and interaction in 1996. This started a mini-revolution in Portland,
OR that has spread throughout the city and birthed City Repair, an organization that engages citizens in
transforming places.

Register here:

Nuts and Bolts of placemaking!

July 18 - 20, 2014.

ContainR @ Sunnyside

Over one weekend you will enjoy the company of other local community builders while participating in
 dynamic activities that will help gain a deeper understanding of how we can better engage with our local
communities to increase interaction, creativity and cooperation in our neighbourhoods.

Mark will be joined by one of his Planet Repair partners Mighk Simpson as well as local community experts
Alla Guelber, Natalia Zoldak, Lindsay Meads and Kym Chi.

Please come and play with us on this amazing learning experience.

Register here:

For more details, click here

Also, Please join us for a free family friendly festival
@ ContainR is Sunnyside

Sunday July 20th 1pm - 4pm

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” - Bill Mollison.

Join a permaculture learning guild for a one day journey into the urban or rural environment
and experience permaculture in a creative new way.

Free introduction to Permaculture : Sunshine Coast March 16
Free Social Permaculture Activation Richmond, March 18
Free Introduction to Permaculture : Langara March 22

Permaculture and Placemaking : March 8

We are also joyed to announce a new Permaculture Design Certificate course convieniently offered on weekends in the Greater Vancouver Area. This dynamic and creative experience offers a uniquely balanced perspective with a male - female teaching team; Delvin Solkinson and Kym Chi.

Langara Permaculture Design Certificate Course
March 29 - December 6

Please visit here for more information or to register.

New service!

Giggling Chi Tree now offers energy portraits!

Each being on this planet is unique, beautifull and has special gifts to offer to the collective whole, but sometimes we can easily be disconnected due to the many hurdles we all face in our day to day as we are constantly transitioning.

This service is a merging of Reiki and art that offers connection with our highest selves a greatest gifts!
The purpose of the portrait is to help us stay connected with our true essence as we journey through our lives. 

With this service you receive:
-a guided mediation and energy reading
-an 11x 14 visual art peice that combines drawn images and poetry and can be delivered anywhere in the world
-a follow up session once you have gotten the portrait to ensure you connect with it in the deepest way possible.

If you would like to view portraits I have done to date, you may view them

For more information on these and other art and healing services offered, click here.

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